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los_angeles's Journal

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Los Angeles
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this community is all about los angeles county and its surrounding areas. ask questions, share information, discuss topics with people, and have fun! if your post has nothing to do with the los angeles in any way shape of form, it will be deleted, and you may be banned from the community.

searching for something?

people sometimes post flyers to upcoming events (only one image not exceeding 500 pixels in width and/or hight outside of the cut. you want to get attention, not piss people off. and only once per week. no one wants to see the same post everyday. PLEEEEEEASE use the cut and warn us if your image is not work safe. otherwise, i will delete rather than ask you to make changes).

if you dont want to see/load large images, try using your placeholders and/or filters to avoid them...



also see:

if posting about more than one event a day (such as whatever is going on that day/night, and something that will be happeneing on the weekend), please make only one post (like i said, per day) and include all of the information. when you make 763457 entries in one day, it pushes everything else of the page and dominates the community. people dont get their questons answered, i get email about how youre spamming the place, blah blah blah. and anything regarding a PAST event should be kept minimal. preferably only when the show is back in town with info so people can attend. USE THE CUT TAG. you can also use it more than once to section everything up...

if youve got a ton of images you want to show people the fun that was had the last time you were at this *now upcoming event*, put up a gallery somewhere/your livejournal/photobucket/flickr/imageshack/ect... and link to it from the community instead of posting them in the entry.

thanks :o)

p.s. if you decide to be a jerk for the sake of being a jerk, you will be banned. at the very least have a reason and a point to make.

p.p.s. if there is an issue, you need to CONTACT ME. not post AT me in the community forum, or it will be ignored and deleted.

p.p.p.s. no personal/dating ads.

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