Jesse St Louis (Jesse St Louis) wrote in los_angeles,
Jesse St Louis
Jesse St Louis

8 Best Southern California Waterfalls

Eight best Southern California Waterfalls. These are my eight favorite waterfall hikes in Southern California. Most of these are adventure hikes that require rock hopping, scrambling and some light climbing, but the payoff is that you get to enjoy some little known, amazing waterfalls. The last 2 are pretty easy and can be done by the whole family. If you are in good shape and are an intermediate to advanced hiker, you should have no problem with the first six of these beautiful waterfalls. There are some great hidden gems in this video that don't get a lot of traffic. Be safe and enjoy!

1. Buckhorn Falls (Hidden waterfall on the way to Cooper Canyon Falls in Angeles National Forest)
2. Harding Falls, Cleveland National Forest
3. Rose Valley Falls, Los Padres National Forest, Ojai
4. Stoddard Canyon Falls
5. Newton Canyon Falls, Malibu
6. The Grotto, Malibu
7. Eaton Canyon Falls, Altadena
8. Millard Canyon Falls, Altadena

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