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Where to start and why! The past few weeks (Part One, the Photo Evidence)

Previously I wrote:
Several months ago, in Abandoned Places, a gentleman (mrgrifter) posted pictures of a building in central Los Angeles reported to possibly be abandoned. This building had a huge clown face painted on the side. We made contact and we sent me the location of this unique place. With his directions, my kids and I found the building. It wasn’t abandoned but it and the neighborhood was a gem to behold. The “clown building” had all manner of circus scenes on it. Adjacent to this building was a cul-de-sac, ending adjacent to the LA River. These buildings were all shops and warehouses, but they were painted up appear to be part of a Parisian street scene including false windows and fronts. Many years had passed since this was originally done, so in the dying light, the area had an almost surreal cast to it. Brenna and I both got shots – some with very surprising results.

I’d like to offer those pictures now.

Fading Glory

The building is now in use as a custom wire and ironworks shop. The gentleman watching the property couldn’t tell me much of the history. After a few calls I learned a little of the amazing history of Frog Town village.

in the dying light, a mystery is revealed...

One of calls got results. In 1978, the Los Angeles city government in conjunction with a prominent artist, arranged to clean up and repaint a run down neighborhood and known gang area. Frogtown which lies between Glassel Park and the Silverlake district had a history of gang activities dating back to the 1950’s. To help reform the very folks who frequented the area, Juvenile Hall inmates were used to do the painting. After more than 25 years, the loving attention to detail given to many buildings in the area has endured. The lack of tagging in this area stands as testament that this is a neutral and protected ground even among the modern gangs that still frequent the area.

Detailed view.

Just prior to taking this shot, I could swear I heard and saw movement, so I turned and shot. No-one was there, in the flesh at least…

The following photos were taken by my daughter on her point and shoot digital. They required a bit more enhancement and lightening to present, but she also got some wonderful shots.

Orbs and motes and glitters of every description

Le Marche

This one was light and color enhanced to give an impression of what it may have looked like.

Fading light, fading memory

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