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There are 5 amazing health benefits of going vegetarian that you probably do not even know about.
1.  Improved Mood
Research has proven that arachidonic acid a substance with low levels in vegetables and high in meats has been linked to depression and mood swings.
2. Decreased Psoriasis Symptoms
Psoriasis is a skin condition that is red, itchy, and flaky skin.
3. Decreased Risk of Diabetes
Need I say anymore?
4. Decreased Risk of Cataracs
See the benefits?
5. Reduced Risk of Stroke and Obesity

More people die a year from strokes in the United States than anything else.

If you wish to hear more or just love vegetarian food I recommend trying Mondo Tacos in Los Angeles.
Making an ultimate choice on your go-to Los Angeles or Beverly Hills day spa can be difficult as there are many luxurious options within the area. Many spas will provide their guests with a rejuvinating and relaxing experience, but the fact of the matter is that some people are just better suited for a certain type of experience. Your local spa, The Spa on Rodeo, has developed this helpful guide to help you choose your #1 Beverly Hills Day Spa experience.


The spa you select should have an elegant yet calm vibe; it should be truly pleasing to your senses. The perfect spa should give you a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. The massage rooms should be soothing not only from the music but temperature conditions as well.


Ask for a tour to ensure that all your hygiene requirements are met. It is very important that all the rooms, robes, equipment, bathrooms, and work stations are well maintained.

Services & Products

Research your specified needs. Do not select your spa if they do not offer your favorite type of massage or services.

There are a countless number of product lines related to the spa industry, but yours should only use the highest quality products in your treatments. A friendly spa should inform you which products they will be using beforehand so that you can make a quality decision.
Hello, all. I was wondering if any of you could recommend me some intensive ESL courses(4 to 6 weeks). I've been googling, but I'd like to know if any of you have any experience, or know someone who does, with any school in particular. It would be preferable if they had year-round enrollment. Thanks in advance.


Just sharing some awesome local music from the SFV.

Good day ya'll :)

Golden Apple

What happened to the Golden Apple?

I used to go there a good deal back in the 90s, but a few months ago I drove past and noticed the shop is something else. Did it move or just close down? The internet told me nothing (though I last checked about 2 months ago)


Have any of you been to Cinespia's Hollywood Forever movie nights? What's it like?

La meetup group

I’m attending a Meetup with typeWRITERS http://meetu.ps/21Js1W

why do I use typewriters to write if I have a computer? It's hard to describe but if you get yourself a portable typewriter and come join us as the group gradually grows in popularity, you might find out how relaxing it is to write without the need of spellcheck or Internet reference.

wedding dresses

hi all -

i'd love to hear experiences/recommendations/warnings about wedding dress shopping experiences in LA... i've been to google and yelp and will now try here :)

good shop? bad shop? department store? online? cheap? custom?

So seriously how bad is the area where the Crenshaw Walmart is? My co-workers and friends don't want me to transfer to that store. Is it as bad as everyone says it is?

cheap hotels & hostels

my friend and i are spending four nights in LA. can you please recommend cheap places to stay in the area (less than $30/night would be ideal)? or places we should avoid? one bed is fine, and we have our own transportation so it doesn't need to be in a super central area. thank you in advance!