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Holy cow! UCLA just scored big. Their sponsorship deal is to be paid overtime if you wish to real all the technical details view the source here. Do you think this is a good choice? The only thing I am thinking is a 15 year deal might sound a little high for UCLA. But hey $280 million is $280 million.

There are 5 amazing health benefits of going vegetarian that you probably do not even know about.
1.  Improved Mood
Research has proven that arachidonic acid a substance with low levels in vegetables and high in meats has been linked to depression and mood swings.
2. Decreased Psoriasis Symptoms
Psoriasis is a skin condition that is red, itchy, and flaky skin.
3. Decreased Risk of Diabetes
Need I say anymore?
4. Decreased Risk of Cataracs
See the benefits?
5. Reduced Risk of Stroke and Obesity

More people die a year from strokes in the United States than anything else.

If you wish to hear more or just love vegetarian food I recommend trying Mondo Tacos in Los Angeles.